Other Solutions

Automatic Stand By Generators

Power outages need not be feared when you have the safety and security of an automatic, stand by generator.  Elegant Resolutions features the Generac line of residential and commercial generators.


Back up only the most basic lighting and appliances like heating, refrigeration, sump pumps and so forth, or consider a larger model to back up air conditioning, garage doors, communications (phone, internet, television) and more.  Want more?  Consider a whole-house system.

Elegant Resolutions can help you with generator sizes from 6kW (6000 watts) up to 150 kW with dozens of sizes in between.

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See: http://www.generac.com/VideoLibrary/Residential/#

Residential Networks Including Whole House WiFi

The home network is quickly becoming the backbone for all communications inside and outside the home.  Our phones, audio/video, data, internet, appliances, energy management and most every other system within the home communicates and can be controlled via the network.

Elegant Resolutions installs and maintains the highest speed, quality and reliability in residential networks.  We install only commercial and small-business grade solutions and wiring techniques in our client's homes.  Our solutions feature wired CAT6 cabling to key locations in the home as well whole-house wireless access points for untethered coverage.

Share printers, servers, backup devices and other peripherals for convenience and data security. For added safety and security, we offer network maintenance and backup services as well. With more and more of our lives captured in digital format, it is essential to routinely maintain secure backups of critical data files (music, video, photos, emails, financial and tax records and key documents). The loss of a single hard-drive can be disastrous.

Structured Wiring

While internet connections and phones are going wireless, much of our control and entertainment systems are requiring a faster, higher grade wired infrastructure. 

Our structured wiring solutions for residential systems ensure the best wired infrastructure for your home's high-tech communications and entertainment requirements.    

Our standards are engineered with the highest wire/cable:

CAT6 wire for all network cabling.  Serial digital coax rated at 3.0 GHz and greater for video.  Cat6A for HDMI grade video distribution.  Single and multi-mode fiber for long distance requirements. CEA2030 for distribute music and more.


We use only the highest grade wire and cable systems connected from demarcation point to each location in the house in "home run" fashion to enable the right solutions for today and tomorrow's technologies. 

Central Vaccuum

Keeping today’s hi-tech, energy efficient home cleaner and healthier takes powerful performance and better technology. Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum Systems provide both, plus quieter operation, more convenience, and added value. The result is a total whole-house cleaning experience.

Experience Dirt Devil®’s exceptionally powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility, with a wide variety of accessories and power-heads that are specifically designed for today’s homes and furnishings.

The Dirt Devil® System works by transporting dirt, debris and dust particles through a simple network of tubing that runs through the walls to the power unit. The in-wall tubing is easily installed during construction or added to an existing home. Installation is usually completed in less than one day, with no structural modifications to the home.


Elegant Resolutions offers several choices for upscale telephone and voice-mail services.  Multi-line, multi-extension phones with intercom paging and door station call out are options.  

We offer a variety of hard-wired and wireless phone stations to choose from.


Elegant Resolutions offers intercom systems from simple door-bell/door station communications to IP based whole-house systems.  Choose from whole-home or selective point-to-point calling systems. We have options for indoor room units as well as outdoor patio and door stations.  We also have door station models with integrated camera solutions to see as well as hear who is at the front door or gate.