Home Theater

Experience the Big Screen at Home

Our clients want the experience of the big-screen without the hassles of a trip to the cineplex.  And, whether you want the ultimate high-performance custom theater, a themed media room, a cozy multi-purpose family room, or just a good performing video system, Elegant Resolutions has a the right solution for you.

We have designed a variety of different theater solutions for almost every budget so we can all enjoy the thrill of the big screen at home. Let us design the right solution for you.

Elegant Resolutions home theater solutions feature:

  • Total Emersion – feel like you’re in the movie, not just in the movie theater

  • Engineered specifications for proper sight lines, speaker placement, acoustic reflections

  • Designer and construction services available as necessary

  • Discrete multi-channel high performance audio optimized via Audyssey MultEQ

  • HD quality projected video with 1080p video scaling, optimized for the warmest colors, sharpest contrasts and deepest blacks

  • Large format projection screens in 16:9 and cinematic 2.40:1 formats with fixed and automated masking

  • Custom theater seating to match your décor and room theme

  • Sound isolation and room acoustic enhancement

  • Integrated lighting control so it truly is "lights, camera, action"

  • Theater aesthetics and accessories

Custom Theater or Multi-Purpose Room

All of our theater solutions are custom designed for your needs, quality and performance expectations, style and budget. We work with you, your architect, designer, builder and other trades as necessary to bring the final solution to life. Each professional contributes their particular expertise. If you prefer, we can also manage the project and coordinate all aspects of the delivery.

Even if an entire room dedicated to a theater is not an option for you, integrating a theatre experience into an existing multi-purpose area is attainable.

For our most intense theater projects, Elegant Resolutions partners with Paradise Theaters, the expert in design of the world's best, highest performance home theaters.  So weather your project is more modest in scope or the most demanding, we have your project covered.  

For more information on Paradise Theaters, feel free to visit http://www.paradisetheater.tv/ 


Dedicated High-Performance Custom Theater

A premium solution including a dedicated room designed specifically as a theater. A "no stone unturned" approach to fully immerse the viewer into the movie going experience.  The high-performance theater is engineered to create the perfect watching and listening environment.  

The Big Screen

For the truest form of movie watching, our theaters feature large cinematic 2.40:1 format screens with horizontal and/or vertical masking to eliminate the "black bars" when viewing non-standard aspect ratios or regular HD TV.

Custom theater seating, fabric wrapped acoustic tiled walls, sound and vibration isolation, top end projection, video processing, high powered amplifiers and multi-channel speaker systems complete the high-performance theater.

Great Performance with a Limited Budget

While still utilizing a dedicated room designed as a theater, the better performing theater offers much of the high-end home theater movie experience with less of the high-end cost.

For this theater room we worked with the contractor and client to build a beautiful yet more affordable dedicated room solution.  This theater features seven in-wall speakers and one in-wall sub-woofer, a ceiling mounted HD projector 96" on-wall screen, leather theater seating for eight people with second row on built up riser.  It also features touch-screen universal remote with controls for automated lighting, cable television, and blu-ray disc player.  

We then added a wall mounted universal AV plate to allow easy connections for WII, XBOX 360 and computer for gaming, home videos and You Tube and other internet browsing.

Dedicated Better Performing Theater

The better performing theater is a more economically conscious version of the high-performance fully custom solution.  

These theaters offer fixed or motorized screens, bright full-HD projectors, leather and fabric theater seating, good performing audio and video processing and sound amplification, proper sight-lines and speaker placement, great quality components, acoustic panels, lighting control, custom programmed remote control and more to create a great theater environment. 

Gaming Rooms

More and more of our entertainment is in some form of electronic gaming.  Why not add that to the theater room, multi-purpose room or even dedicate a room for gaming by itself.   

Our designs for the proper gaming room must consider the seating, standing and listening positions unique to the gaming experience.  In some cases, we need to take in the changing requirements of action oriented gaming (like Wii tennis or golf) together with the head-set waring of battles of head to head action (like XBox's Halo).

Multi-Purpose Room with Surround Sound

While not a dedicated environment for a theater, the multi-purpose room can offer a great movie, television and sports watching environment or be thought of as an entry level solution into the home theatre experience.  The experience can be nonetheless fabulous.

Typically the multi-purpose room theater uses a flat panel television as the video display but could also feature a hidden motorized screen and projector.  Some of today's screen technology even allows for day-time full light viewing of projected material.

The multi-purpose room theater typically uses hidden in-wall speakers and side-mounted television speakers to create the surround sound experience.  The audio/video system components can be hidden in cabinetry or placed remotely in a closet or other room for added elegance.  Universal remote control is the finishing touch for elegance and simplicity in control of the theater system.