Lighting and Shade Control

Elegant Lighting Control Solutions

Nothing enhances our living spaces more than proper lighting.  With our state-of-the-art lighting control and shading control systems you can set the mood with the exact amount of light every time.

Elegant Resolutions offers a variety of artificial lighting and natural lighting control solutions and window treatments.  We have a solution for your new or existing home with products that retrofit easily using your existing wiring as well as whole-house products that allow for centralized load systems and elegant remote keypads thereby eliminating the unsightly look of the traditional light switch.

Elegant Resolutions features the best and most reliable lighting control solutions from Lutron® and Control4®.  Let us design and install the right automated lighting control solution for your specific needs.

Elegant Resolutions is an authorized reseller of Lutron® and Control4® and other major lighting control solutions.  We feature Lutron's RadioRa® 2, Lutron's Homeworks® QS Wireless, and Control4 Wireless lighting products.

Automated Lighting Control

Create just the right light for any activity or mood and save energy while you do it.  Our lighting control solutions add simplicity and convenience while they beautify your living space with just the right preset lighting scene.  And they save energy too.

Control select lights or every light in the home or office with these smart lighting devices.  Our solutions feature dimmers and switches for every type of lighting including incandescent, florescent, low-voltage and LED.  We have keypads for wall and table top for lighting and shade position presets, sensors for occupancy/vacancy and light levels, time-based automation controls, car visor controls and integration modules for your automation and control system.

We offer dozens of colors, styles and finishes to match your exact decor.

Featured here are just some of the control options from Lutron's RadioRa® 2 product line.  RadioRa® 2 is perfect for automating existing homes in that we simply replace your existing light switches with intelligent RadioRa® 2  dimmers and then add keypads and other control devices without rewiring your house.

Our automated lighting solutions offer remote control as well from your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or remote web-connected computer.  And we can integrate these lighting controls into your home automation system.  

Let us design and install the right automated lighting control solutions for your home or business. Give Elegant Resolutions a call today. Contact Us


Lighting Control Presets

Have you determined the exact level of light to make the cabinetry look its best after the kitchen is cleaned?  What interior lights and lamps should be on and at what level to give the house that lived in look?  Would you enjoy being able to turn off every unwanted light in the house at the touch of a button?  Well why not capture those decisions in lighting presets.

Elegant Resolutions can help realize those dreams with one of our premiere lighting control solutions.  Keypads can augment or replace typical switches with custom presets to control any light in the location or anywhere in the house.  Table top keypads can be equipped with up to fifteen presets plus all on/all off and raise/lower buttons to control your universe.  

Plus, your lighting control system can be programmed with hundreds of automated lighting scenes which can be tied to time-based scenes like "20 minutes before sunset" or called on by the press of a button on your remote control.

Sivioa® QS Shading Solutions

Sivioa® QS is the newest generation of shading technology from Lutron, and the ideal solution for total light control.  This family of elegant window treatments includes roller shades, drapery systems, Roman shades, venetian blinds and tensioned shades.  Sivioa® QS is a complete window treatment solution comprising the highest quality fabrics and woven woods together with ultra-quiet performance, precision and dependable control, simple operation and beautiful aesthetics.

Our tensioned, motorized shades for skylights are available in sizes from 2' x 3' to up to 8' x 12'.  Lutron's innovative tension system keeps fabric taught and parallel to skylight windows regardless of slope.  See Lutron Shading Systems for more information, then let us help you design and install the exact custom solution for you. Click here for a link to Lutron's Sivoia Shading Overview


Elegant Resolutions will gladly work with you and your designer to select the right solutions for you or custom build your window treatments to your exacting standards.

The Sivioa® QS products offer complete integration and control through wireless QS keypads as well and full integration with Lutron’s Homeworks® and RadioRa® lighting control systems.

Cellular Shade Collection

Now Available - Motorized Cellular Shades - Affordable and BATTERY powered!

An elegant yet affordable motorized shade from Lutron's Sivoia line of window treatments. Available in nearly 50 fabrics with single or double-cell light filtering or blackout room darkening designs.  These ground breaking shades are shure to meet your needs for fashion, function and your budget.  

And they are remote controlled -- with single room controls or integrated with your whole-home lighting system using RadioRa2 or Homeworks.

Available in commercial fabrics with rated flame retarding treatments soon.

Automated Window Treatments

Control the amount of natural light with automated shading and motorized drapery.  These natural light control systems feature hundreds of fabrics and styles or select your own fabrics and we will custom build a one of a kind window treatment for your home or office.  

Window treatments are not only beautiful themselves but enhance or control the amount of natural light in the space.  They also reduce the amount of heat and the damaging rays of the sun.  Raise the shades and let the natural light in or lower them depending on time of day, season or personal preference--all at the touch of a button or preset timeframe. 

We offer hundreds of fabric styles of different transparencies from sheer to blackout.  Put two together and create a dimming effect for day time and a total blackout for darkness and absolute privacy.  We now offer Venetian Blinds with automated raise/lower and simultaneous tilt.  Blinds are available in many wood and plastic finishes to match your style.

Simplicity and Convenience

Automated shades and drapery offer the best in simplicity and convenience.  Lower all of the shades in the room in synchronous motion with motors as silent as a whisper.  Raise the shades on hard to reach windows.  For new construction and major renovations, we can also add shading to skylights.  Chances are we have the right solution for your specific application.

Control select lights or every light in the space with these smart lighting systems. And lighting control saves energy too while beautifying your space.  Dimming your lights to just 90% saves 10% of the energy and doubles the life span of the bulbs without appreciatively reducing the amount of light.  Add occupancy/vacancy sensors and dramatically reduce the energy wasted when someone leaves the lights on and no one is in the room. 

Save even more energy with automated motorized shades and window treatments.  Nothing drives energy usage like direct sunlight on summer days.  You can greatly reduce your energy usage by lowering the shades.  Why not automate the shades in those sunny rooms.  We can program a keypad near your exit door to close the blinds when you leave the house and to open them when you return.