Control and Automation

Elegance and Simplicity at Their Best

Ultimately, what makes any good audio, video and automation implementation successful are its control devices--the touch screens, control panels, remote controls, keypads and other user interfaces we use to control the systems in place.  These are what define elegance, simplicity, ease of use and reliability and are essential in both residential and commercial environments.

Elegant Resolutions has created state-of-the-art home and business automation solutions to place you on the cutting edge of systems control. Access, view and control all of your subsystems:  lighting, climate, music, video, gates/doors, pool/fountain, irrigation, window coverings, snow melting and pretty much any other automation you can envision.

We offer a variety of touch-screen, hand-held, keypad, web-based, iPhone/iPad and other interfaces to get the job done.  The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that displays important information.

Elegant Resolutions is a authorized dealer of Control4®, RTI®, URC®, Lutron® and many other smart home automation system solutions.  Let us design and install a premiere home automation solution for your custom home.

Touch Screens

We offer a variety of in-wall and hand-held touch screens from 4 to 20 inches in size, capable of displaying real-time information about the subsystems they control and even full motion video from cameras and other video sources.  Our touch-screens are custom programmed to get you exactly what you want to see and how you want to control your systems.

We also offer the latest like dockable systems that allow you to unlock the screen from the wall for hand-held use.  Simply enter the password into the touchscreen and the system unlocks the device for your portable use.

We specialize in touch screens devices from Crestron, RTI and URC.

Hand-held Remote Controls

Universal remote control is key to making any good system great.  Select from dozens of models from all hard-button to all touch-screen and everywhere in between.  We'll custom program your remote control for your system making it as simple or as function-rich as you need it to be.

We'll program activity macros for the things you do the most like "Watch TV,"  "Listen to iPod," and "Watch a Movie."  The remote control and the system processor will take care of everything else:  turn on components, set channels, set volume level, change receiver input, change TV input, adjust sound field . . . and so forth.

We'll also setup your "favorites" for the TV channels you watch, the playlists you most listen to and the radio stations you prefer.

For our business clients, this can be equally important to keep your conference room simple enough for every visitor to "start a PC presentation," "start video conferencing" or "watch video" to evaluate marketing materials, products and ads. 

Want something unique and special, try a water proof hand-held remote for the pool, spa or other outdoor use.  It is sealed from water damage, uses radio frequency based signals, and it even floats.

Featured here are four universal remote controls from URC and RTI. We also feature held-held remote controls from Crestron and Crestron Prodigy.  

Keypads and LCD Screens

For less sophisticated needs, try one of our LCD Screens or wall-mounted keypads.  They offer good control for those locations where a full color touch screen may not be necessary or worth the expense.  Keypads give you the basic system controls you need for volume, source selection, source navigation functions, lighting scenes and other controls.  LCD screens can offer limited but essential text based data (like song title, playlist name, preset name) to give you the information you need to control your systems.

Control Everything

The larger, more complicated our residential systems become the more we need to automate, create presets, label and simplify the way we control and interact with our environment.  Your automation and control system can do just that.

Why live with the complication of a large home's disparate systems:  a different remote for every TV, fifty or more light switches, four or more thermostats, individual room music systems, snow melting systems, irrigation systems, fountain controls, exterior lighting, pool and spa controls, and more.  The list can be endless and the complexities immense.  

Let Elegant Resolutions simplify your life with our automation and control systems.

Crestron and Apple iPad

The only decision you have to make is Crestron

The iPad is the hottest touch screen today, but it’s the engine behind the scenes that drives the home technology. Everyone has an app and a docking station, but only Crestron is a truly open, standards-based platform that delivers complete whole house control. 

So, why settle for anything less than Crestron – the most proven, powerful and scalable home system in the world. In addition to our charging in-wall and tabletop docking stations, we also proudly introduce the iPaneL™. The ground-breaking iPaneL™ instantly turns any iPad into a full-function, wireless Crestron touchpanel. If you love the iPad, then Crestron is the only choice for reliable home control.