Design & Documentation

Effective systems integration requires careful planning, layout, and design. Elegant Resolutions offers advanced system design services. From automation control of various subsystems to fully themed home theaters, Elegant Resolutions is here to design your systems just the way you envision them to be.

You’re already investing much of your time and money into your project. So, why not take the step to have your project professionally designed ensuring you not only have a good system but you have “your” system.


There are many elements to a professionally designed system. Many of these are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system design is important to the quality and success of the final project.  Proper documentation and planning help ensure that your systems are installed correctly the first time and are maintainable over the long run.  


You can be assured that with Elegant Resolutions your systems will be installed properly and efficiently the first time and every time.  Elegant Resolutions offers the best in trained, courteous and professional installation technicians.  Whether your project is new construction, retrofit/remodel or finished office or home, we have the installation service and crew for your job.  

Product Sales

Elegant Resolutions has the right product for your audio, video and automation needs.  We offer better and best products form the leading custom and professional AV systems manufacturers including Crestron, Lutron, Harmon International, Marantz, Samsung, Panasonic, Martin Logan and many other leading companies.  Elegant Resolutions is an authorized reseller of every product it sells. We offer manufacturer's warrantees on every new product sold and offer extended warrantees and service contracts as well.


Browse our Products pages to learn more about the brands we sell or contact us to learn more. 

Service and Maintenance

Elegant Resolutions warrantees its products and services for a minimum of six months and usually longer.  We offer extended product warrantees and service and maintenance agreements to select clients as well.  But inevitably, something will breakdown and/or need service.  Elegant Resolutions is available for service and maintenance calls.

Like your automobile, regular care and maintenance is the best way to assure a trouble free life for your audio, video and automation systems.  Our maintenance and services agreements take care of just that.  We offer routine maintenance including:  cleaning, setup/configuration changes, lite programming, bulb replacement, firmware upgrades, wire maintenance, heat dissipation and other inspection.  Our network services include configuration changes, network security inspection, file backup/restore and other routine services.  

We also offer remote monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting services.  In many cases, we know there is a problem before you do and can often correct for it without a service call.  What better way to ensure a simple, elegant and trouble free high-tech lifestyle.


A product’s user interface bridges the gap between technology and user. Even the best quality system and equipment has little value if the customer finds it difficult or frustrating to use. For this reason, Elegant Resolutions works with each project’s designer and client to ensure a quality, properly programmed product. This approach ensures that the user interface is consistent with the design intent from the beginning, and that the result meets the customer’s expectations.

What To Expect

You can expect more from Elegant Resolutions.


Expert Design & Planning

Strong working relationship between home owner, architect, designer, builder and Elegant Resolutions

Start with the end in mind – detailed planning up front

Professional Project Management
Structured processes and procedures
On-going communications, status updates and issue management
One-on-one and group meetings with client, builder, designer, architect and us as necessary to coordinate efforts

High Performance Structured Wiring
Start with right structured wiring, in cabinet/equipment rack
CEA wiring standards, cabling for today and tomorrow’s technologies
Uniform colors, AWG, cable type and terminations for each sub-system

Proper Procedures and Standards
Detailed installation procedures from pre-wire to trim phase
Certification testing at each phase of installation
Key stakeholder signoff at end of each phase

Change Management
Changes along the way are inevitable – we manage the process so there are no surprises at the end. Change Orders must be agreed to and signed by you before work is begun.

Expert Training
Personal and hands-on training for everyone in the family and/or key office personnel.