Commercial Systems

Elegant Resolutions offers a variety of solutions that are unique to our commercial client's needs.  In addition to lighting and shade control, multi-room audio/video, we offer commercial grade audio, video and automation solutions for professional audio, conference rooms, interactive learning, and digital signage.  

Our commercial clients have included retail, bar/restaurant, office/professional, schools and houses of worship.  Let Elegant Resolutions assist you with your professional audio, video and automation needs.

Digital Signage

Enhance your image, your brand and your presence with digital signage.  Let Elegant Resolutions assist you with the technical solutions to get your message heard.  

Whether your needs include the digital display, the signal distribution, the video and computer source equipment, or the content creation, we are there to help.

Waiting rooms, retail displays, outdoor signage, intracompany communications, data displays, advertising and more.

High Tech Conference Rooms

Your high tech conference room should enable work productivity.  And to do that, the technology must be robust, easy to use and one hundred precent reliable.  Let Elegant Resolutions assist you in making your conference rooms work for you, not against you.

High light output projection for daytime and lights on viewing, motorized screens that retract when not in use, table hidden audio/video and computer connections, a variety of video, computer, audio and other source equipment hidden and racked in nearby cabinetry or in adjacent equipment closets, and easy to use controls so everyone in the office can be self reliant and immediately productive in the conference room. 

Interactive White Boards

Let our technical solutions enhance your working environment.  For one client we leveraged a projection system with an interactive whiteboard to enable collaborative work sessions, promote brain storming and enhance learning and presentation.

Not only can our client host local interactive working sessions, work collaboratively on presentations, and capture the session in electronic documentation, but they can also broadcast the session to remote participants through the internet thus tying all of their offices together.